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Case Studies

This Shaker style property in the foothills of the South Downs near Arundel in West Sussex had undergone extensive renovation to the main house. The final element was to upgrade the existing Victorian conservatory.

The brief

The brief from the client was to change the existing structure into a year-round, fully functional extension to the property, made a little larger and to accommodate an area to be used partly as an office, and also as an occasional room for relaxing with coffee and papers in the morning or extended entertaining.

With elevations facing North, East, South and West, and surrounded by gloriously landscaped gardens the setting meant we had a lot to live up to!

Shaker Style property design

Our approach

The existing timber conservatory, although pretty in design was beginning to look a little tired. There was no heating and the old fashioned, single glazing meant that it was susceptible to extremes of heat and cold which somewhat limited its usability.

Having said that, we didn’t want to make change just for the sake of it, the existing structure had much that we and the client liked and wished to retain in terms of style. Also, the existing base had been well constructed, and it would seem sensible to work with it. To satisfy the requirement for more space we extended the base at the rear by a couple of metres.

Property design
Shaker Style property plan 3

Design choices

Along with the client, we felt that an orangery, with its glazed lantern set in an insulated flat roof, a much higher specification of double glazing designed to deflect heat and glare in the summer, and retain warmth in the winter, would provide year-round comfort.

The lantern has the same glazing, but with an added self-cleaning ingredient which means that most detritus from trees or birds will be washed away by the rain.

Electrically operated roof vents ensure a comfortable circulation of air. Internally we installed a bespoke heating system, set in the floor around the perimeter of the room and covered by decorative grill, a nod to an age when style was just as important as function!

Shaker Style property plan 2
Shaker Style property plan

The build process

The orangery itself is constructed with Sapele hardwood, known for its strength and durability with a natural resistance to moisture due to its density.

The hardwood is factory sprayed, with several coats of microporous paint, which, with the occasional wash down with warm soapy water (no other detergents) should give a good 10 years of life. And even then, when it comes time, only a slight abrasion and a topcoat of paint will restore the timber to its full glory. The lantern itself is maintenance free, with the roof timbers being protected from the elements externally by lead coloured aluminium strips. The flat roof is finished with a single ply membrane which can be walked upon to enable maintenance to the adjoining building.

We’re sure you’ll agree the resulting structure looks stunning and compliments the already exquisite styling of the property.

And last, but not least, we provide all our clients with the peace of mind that comes with a 10 year warranty!

Shaker Style property design 3
Shaker Style property design 2
House renovation in Arundel
Orangery property White-Webs-img5

An outstanding addition to a charming property, designed from the ground up to be enjoyed for many generations to come