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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Integral in our Complete Package offering is that we will undertake all building works associated with the construction of your orangery or conservatory.

Unless we are using an existing base, all orangery or conservatory extensions will require some site clearance, or maybe the removal of an existing building.

All conservatories and orangeries will require foundations, drainage, base, walls, plastering, electrics, plumbing, heating and so forth.

They may also require a knock-through, creating a new aperture to the house or widening an existing opening.

These are all what we would term as associated building works. Depending on circumstances we may also undertake a small element of landscaping or laying of a patio.

A. Absolutely! We are really happy to work with your own preferred builder.

Having said that, we would prefer to be responsible for the whole of the roof structure, because if there are any problems post construction, even minor ones, they are usually associated with the roof and the last thing you want is two contractors arguing over whose fault/responsibility it is.

Most importantly, anything we build is covered by our 10 year warranty.

A. As part of our all-inclusive package we can do as much or as little ancillary work as you like.

Our certified electricians can take care of all lighting and power points and install electric
underfloor heating if that is your choice.

Our registered plumbers can terminate existing radiators, install new radiators or wet underfloor heating and carry out any plumbing works associated with the construction of the orangery or conservatory.

We have a wide range specialist flooring for conservatories and orangeries, including ceramic tiles, laminated or engineered timber flooring which we can supply and install as part of the project.

A. Definitely! We often find that architects will suggest you ask a specialist to supply you with design drawings for the orangery/conservatory which they can incorporate into their overall scheme.

We can price an orangery or conservatory that has been entirely designed and specified by an architect.

A. There are so may variables governing whether or not Planning Consent is required for your Orangery or Conservatory it is best not to make any assumptions. If you are unsure, ask us and we will advise you or you should contact your local Planning Office.

As a general rule if your orangery or conservatory is more than 30sq m in size, or is not thermally separated from the main house (i.e. if there is a permanent opening) or is more than 50% solid (brick) construction it will require Building Regulations.

As with Planning Consent we will be able to advise you whether or not Building Regulations are required.

In any event, if you accept our proposal we will obtain all the necessary consents on your behalf – something less for you to worry about!

A. Modern glazing technology has consigned to history the notion that conservatories freeze at night and boil in direct sunlight.

By combining self-cleaning, solar control glass with the ultimate in glazed thermal insulation, we can ensure you have all year round comfort and you will not need to be clambering onto the roof to clear detritus from birds or trees.

Can we help you?

If you would like to talk to us about a specific project, or even have a chat about design or cost parameters, or for a brochure, please telephone us on 01243 933034 or contact us. Our consultation is free of charge and we can arrange a site visit also without charge.