Bring the garden into your house with one of our glorious hardwood conservatories!

Light, bright and beautifully designed for all year round comfort (no more freezing in winter and boiling in summer!)

It could be said that whilst an orangery extends the house into the garden, a conservatory, with its fully glazed roof, brings the garden into the house.

Almost a derivative of the orangery, the conservatory enjoyed its heyday in the Victorian period with the use of cast iron or timber not only to create green house styled additions to grand properties but often to form intricate and elaborate frames for vast glazed edifices such as the Crystal Palace, built in 1851 but sadly destroyed by fire in 1934.

A conservatory can provide a light, bright, economic extension to the basic footprint of the house; a recreation room for children, or a quiet area where the garden can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

Every Goodwood conservatory is designed, manufactured and constructed specifically for each project; there are no modular sizes that need to be conformed to. There are however a number of traditional styles often referred to as ‘Victorian’ or ‘Edwardian’ or ‘Lean-to’ on which you may wish to base your design, or we can design something contemporary to suit a more minimalist taste.

All our conservatories are constructed from a range of timbers, including hardwood, oak, Siberian Larch or engineered softwood.


Don't all conservatories just get too hot in the summer and freezing in winter?

Not any more! Suffocating temperatures in the summer and freezing in the winter are a thing of the past. Whatever the outside temperature and in whichever direction the building is facing, modern glazing technology, combined with window and roof venting and sensible heating, ensures a comfortable environment can be maintained all year round. For more details of our conservatory glazing please click on Tech Stuff.

Conservatory Gallery

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