Traditional hardwood orangery, Farnham, Surrey

Bespoke Orangery in Farnham, Surrey

Case Studies

We designed and built this stylish, traditional orangery on a character property near Farnham, Surrey.

The brief

The existing conservatory was spread across much of the rear elevation, encompassing both sets of French doors that lead into the dining room and the lounge.

The client wanted to change the use of the space by concentrating on extending the dining area linking to the kitchen.

They also wanted to free up some space on the patio, and to be able step onto the patio directly, through the French doors, from the lounge.

The decision to replace the conservatory with an orangery, was not a difficult choice.

The conservatory, with its fully glazed roof, is essentially a covered outdoor space, with incumbent difficulties in maintaining an even temperature all year round.

At a time when utility costs have rocketed, the cost of heating is suddenly a serious consideration.

Plans for Bespoke Orangery in Farnham, Surrey

The design

The orangery, with its fully insulated roof and walls integrates perfectly with the property, basically becoming just another room in terms of comfort.

And of course, there is the added benefit that it looks absolutely stunning!

The build

After achieving Planning Consent and Building Regulations approval started work.

We carefully removed and disposed of the existing conservatory.

There was some ‘making good’ to do to the external house wall where the conservatory had been attached.

To make room for the new orangery we also had to cut back the oak pergola over the barbeque area.

In building the orangery walls we replicated the original stonework with brick castellation on the house.

Internally the new, insulated walls are constructed of plastered blockwork.

The windows and doors and the roof lantern are all crafted from Sapele, a West African hardwood, selected for its durability and resistance to rot.

The joinery is factory sprayed with several coats of Microporous paint, which allows the timber to expand and contract with the rise and fall of outdoor temperature, without forming wrinkles or cracks in the paintwork.

Replacing a Conservatory with an Orangery Bespoke Orangery in Farnham, Surrey

Getting the details right

Getting the glazing right is essential to the maintenance of comfort in the orangery. Gone are the days of ‘freezing in winter – boiling in summer’ which were always the biggest criticism of old conservatories.

Glazing manufacturers have developed special ‘solar resistant glass’ which dramatically reduces the heat gain from the sun through the glazed roof lantern.

Similarly, we use double glazing units in the windows and doors which have a ‘Low E’ coating’ and are filled with argon gas to enable maximum heat retention when it is required in the cooler months.

Electrically operated roof vents and opening windows and a reliable form of heating (underfloor or radiators) ensure the year-round comfort you would expect from any extension.

The client also wanted to keep their original wood burner, which neatly fitted into the corner, in its original location!

Hardwood Orangery Design in Surrey

Completing the project​

The orangery was completed with ceramic floor tiles, downlights were fitted into the roof section, plus several other electrical fittings.

Externally a new patio was laid to complete an astounding transformation, with a delighted client.

You can see from the ‘before and after’ photos just what a difference the orangery makes and how it compliments an already gorgeous property with fabulous gardens.

Hardwood Orangery Interior in Farnham, Surrey
Bespoke Hardwood O

Our guarantee

All works, even those carried out by our contractors, are covered by our 10 year warranty. And, 12 months after the installation has been completed, we return to check everything is in good working order and the orangery has settled in over the past year.

Contemporary orangery, Chichester, West Sussex

Contemporary Orangery in Chichester, West Sussex

Case Studies

We designed and built a stylish, contemporary orangery at a modern property in Chichester, West Sussex.

The brief

To take advantage of the very pretty harbourside frontage, the kitchen, dining areas of this three-storey property are on the first floor, with a balcony overlooking the harbour scene.

Downstairs has a lounge, also facing the front, and some utility space and a study facing the garden at the rear.

The clients, a medical professional and an academic, are both very keen gardeners and wanted an alternative dining and relaxing space that blended into the garden.

They wanted an orangery style extension, to take advantage of the abundance of light provided by the roof lantern, but didn’t feel that an elaborate, traditional style suited the uncomplicated rear elevation.

Plans for Contemporary Orangery in Chichester, West Sussex

The design

Our Contemporary Orangery design, with a solid wall to the right, and a series of full height windows, sliding back fully on the other two sides, creates a wide, open space for warm summer days and evenings.

And for cooler weather, a comfortable area, protected from the elements but still immersed in the garden.


We used powder-coated aluminium frames for the windows and roof lantern.

We also changed the door and side windows on the house to match.

We installed toughened, double glazed, low emissivity glass for the windows and lantern, with added self-cleaning and tinting to the lantern.

Bricks were sourced locally to match as close as possible the original house brick.

Planning and building regulations

Because we were building onto the original, rear elevation of the property, and the orangery was not projecting beyond 4.0 metres, the extension didn’t require Planning Consent (although we did obtain a Certificate of Lawful Building from the local council, in confirmation).

We also applied for Building Regulations, thus ensuring all elements of the build were compliant with the latest statutory requirements.

This is particularly important when there is to be a permanent opening from the orangery into the house, as a whole raft of regulatory requirements come into play in terms of structural integrity, heat loss, foundation depths etc.

Modern House in Chichester Contemporary Orangery Exterior

The build

As you will see from the photo of the original rear elevation, there were some waste pipes sited in the area of the proposed orangery, so one of the preparatory measures was to divert those.

Construction of the insulated base and walls was quite straightforward, with foundations laid to 1.0m.

Once the main structure was up and weather sealed, we created the new opening between the house and the orangery, which involved inserting a new steel lintel above the opening.

Immediately the steel was installed, there was a steady trail of trades people, electricians, plasterers, plumbers for the underfloor heating, and floor tilers, marshalled by our own Project Manager.

Our builder created a new patio area to finish.

Orangery Kitchen in Chichester

Completing the project

Despite the usual weather challenges associated with a coastal location, the project was finished on schedule and at the agreed price.

Much to the delight of the clients, who have been very kind with their Google Review and as a reference to other prospective clients.

Our guarantee

All works, even those carried out by our contractors, are covered by our 10 year warranty. And, 12 months after the installation has been completed, we return to check everything is in good working order and the orangery has settled in over the past year.

Bespoke orangery in Weybridge, Surrey

Bespoke Orangery in Weybridge, Surrey

Case Studies

We designed and built a stylish orangery to enhance a charming town house in Weybridge, Surrey.

The brief

Our client had recently purchased this terraced, three storey property in an exclusive, gated development in Weybridge, Surrey.

The kitchen was to the rear of the property, looking out onto a small garden area. The client wanted to extend out from the kitchen to give more space and to bring in more natural light.

Plans for Orangery in Weybridge

Our preparation

As is common with similar developments, there were several hurdles in the form of covenants that required negotiating before the final design was agreed by all parties.

We were fortunate in that the client has ample parking space and access via the end of the garden, which made life relatively easy for our builders, and buckets of tea served to mollify them when they realised the foundations were going to need to be hand excavated!

The build process

With the base laid and walls constructed with matching local brick, the joinery was delivered to site and the fitter got to work.

All the joinery arrives factory glazed and painted, so with the benefit of fair weather, the superstructure is up and installed within 10 days.

With the interior of the orangery protected from the elements, we removed the two sets of French doors on the back of the house, along with the section of wall in between, inserted a steel support and created a new aperture of approximately 4.0m from the kitchen into the orangery.

Bespoke Orangery in Surrey

Completing the project

Electricians, plasterers, plumbers, tilers and decorators all followed in hot pursuit of completing a beautiful bijou extension, on time and on budget, to the delight of very happy clients!

As a postscript, our builder also undertook the re-landscaping of the garden, creating a lovely terrace for entertaining on sunny days and balmy evenings.

All contractors are engaged by Goodwood Orangeries & Conservatories, with our own Project Manager coordinating trades and keeping clients informed at every stage.

We are proud of our boast that “From Design to Completion, we do everything!”

Weybridge Orangery Kitchen
Weybridge Bespoke Orangery Interior

Our guarantee

All works, even those carried out by our contractors, are covered by our 10 year warranty. And, 12 months after the installation has been completed, we return to check everything is in good working order and the orangery has settled in over the past year.

Bespoke orangery in Woking, Surrey

Woking Orangery Build

Case Studies

We designed and built an immensely practical, traditional orangery kitchen and dining extension in Woking, Surrey. Usable all year round, it greatly enhances the visual appeal of the property.

The brief

The client wanted to replace the existing, dilapidated conservatory, constructed of timber and glass, with a new hardwood orangery. The orangery with its higher level of insulation would provide an excellent dinning addition to the new kitchen.

Orangery in Woking, Surrey

Our preparation

As part of the preparation, because the orangery would be much taller than the conservatory, more in keeping with the internal ceiling heights of the house, we removed the two landing windows and blocked the apertures with matching brick externally and plastered internally.

The build process

We also created a wider opening from the house into the new orangery.

Appropriate new foundations were excavated with new walls were build with reclaimed local brick to match the property. We removed the existing dining room floor and constructed a new, suspended floor running through the kitchen and the orangery. The new floor was fitted with electric underfloor heating and finished with ceramic tiles of the client’s own choosing. Externally a new patio and steps were laid by our own builder.
Woking Orangery Build

Completing the project

The orangery superstructure was manufactured with Sapele hardwood, sourced from certified renewable resources.

The hardwood was factory sprayed with hardwearing, water based, microporous paint, with touch up applied as required on site.

The orangery lantern was constructed with timber framing and supported within the flat roof with glulam timber beams. The flat roof was constructed of hardwood joists and with high performance insulating materials and external quality ply. The top of the flat roof is covered with a single ply membrane and finished with lead flashing.

We use the best available double glazing for our windows, doors and lanterns, with the best available heat retention ratings in the industry. Ventilation is provided with plenty of opening windows and electrically operated roof vents.

Orangery Kitchen in Woking

An outstanding addition to a charming property, designed from the ground up to be enjoyed for many generations to come

Bespoke Orangery in Woking

Bespoke orangery near Arundel, West Sussex

Case Studies

This Shaker style property in the foothills of the South Downs near Arundel in West Sussex had undergone extensive renovation to the main house. The final element was to upgrade the existing Victorian conservatory.

The brief

The brief from the client was to change the existing structure into a year-round, fully functional extension to the property, made a little larger and to accommodate an area to be used partly as an office, and also as an occasional room for relaxing with coffee and papers in the morning or extended entertaining.

With elevations facing North, East, South and West, and surrounded by gloriously landscaped gardens the setting meant we had a lot to live up to!

Shaker Style property design

Our approach

The existing timber conservatory, although pretty in design was beginning to look a little tired. There was no heating and the old fashioned, single glazing meant that it was susceptible to extremes of heat and cold which somewhat limited its usability.

Having said that, we didn’t want to make change just for the sake of it, the existing structure had much that we and the client liked and wished to retain in terms of style. Also, the existing base had been well constructed, and it would seem sensible to work with it. To satisfy the requirement for more space we extended the base at the rear by a couple of metres.

Property design
Shaker Style property plan 3

Design choices

Along with the client, we felt that an orangery, with its glazed lantern set in an insulated flat roof, a much higher specification of double glazing designed to deflect heat and glare in the summer, and retain warmth in the winter, would provide year-round comfort.

The lantern has the same glazing, but with an added self-cleaning ingredient which means that most detritus from trees or birds will be washed away by the rain.

Electrically operated roof vents ensure a comfortable circulation of air. Internally we installed a bespoke heating system, set in the floor around the perimeter of the room and covered by decorative grill, a nod to an age when style was just as important as function!

Shaker Style property plan 2
Shaker Style property plan

The build process

The orangery itself is constructed with Sapele hardwood, known for its strength and durability with a natural resistance to moisture due to its density.

The hardwood is factory sprayed, with several coats of microporous paint, which, with the occasional wash down with warm soapy water (no other detergents) should give a good 10 years of life. And even then, when it comes time, only a slight abrasion and a topcoat of paint will restore the timber to its full glory. The lantern itself is maintenance free, with the roof timbers being protected from the elements externally by lead coloured aluminium strips. The flat roof is finished with a single ply membrane which can be walked upon to enable maintenance to the adjoining building.

We’re sure you’ll agree the resulting structure looks stunning and compliments the already exquisite styling of the property.

And last, but not least, we provide all our clients with the peace of mind that comes with a 10 year warranty!

Shaker Style property design 3
Shaker Style property design 2
House renovation in Arundel
Orangery property White-Webs-img5

An outstanding addition to a charming property, designed from the ground up to be enjoyed for many generations to come

Bespoke hardwood orangery in Hampshire

Goodwood Orangeries staff cottage Hampshire

Case Studies

How we designed and built a stunning orangery in a rural setting in Hampshire.

The brief

What started off as a staff cottage on a Hampshire farm estate has become a rural retreat for a busy, city-based couple.

Although idyllic in its setting, as was often the case, the rooms were small and with not much natural light, as you can see from the picture of the original elevation, the room looks dark even with the French doors wide open.

The client, with a young family, wanted to open out the house, bringing in more light and expanding the living area to flow out into the garden.

Staff cottage design

Design choices

A hardwood orangery was a natural choice in terms of material sympathetic to the original house windows (some of which we changed at the same time as constructing the orangery). However, we wanted to ensure that whilst providing the additional space required, the orangery did not dominate and spoil the ‘bijou’ style of the cottage.

With windows on three sides and a pair of French doors central to the rear elevation and with a glazed lantern set within the insulated flat roof, the room was flooded with light. The fascia (the bit above the windows around the perimeter of the roof) which on a traditional orangery normally is quite chunky and imposing, was reduced in depth, and styled to fit the cottage aspect.

The resulting look was as intended, a garden room extension on an already pretty country cottage.

And the client’s own innate and exquisite sense of style, colour and design created the simple and fresh interior.

A perfect setting for relaxing and building happy memories for a young family.

case study montefiore before Orangeries build in West Sussex
Case Study Montefiore-01
Case study Montefiore-03

Orangery near Haslemere in Surrey

Goodwood Orangeries development-of this mill house on the Surrey

Case Studies

Design and build of an orangery to contain a kitchen and dining space near Haslemere in Surrey.

The brief

As part of the development of this mill house on the Surrey – Hampshire border, the client wanted to open up the rear of the property, creating a kitchen and dining space which would spill out into the gardens and show off its fabulous weir-side setting.

The original kitchen was housed within the somewhat bleak looking sloping roof section, which typical of its period, was more functional than social.

Old mill layout
Kitchen and dining space layout Hampshire

Our approach

We removed the entire original rear elevation but left the side elevations in place, changing only the windows to match the joinery of the orangery.

We then constructed the hardwood orangery, cutting into the existing sloping roof, with the roof tiles sympathetically dressed back over the lead flashing of the orangery roof.

Mill house layout Surrey

The result

The orangery is in complete contrast to the original house, flooding the rear of the property with light not only from the windows and doors but also from the large lantern set within the flat roof. The lantern has toughened, solar control double glazing which reduced glare and heat gain, plus electrically operated roof vents which allow circulation of air.

The result is an enormous, light, bright kitchen and dining area. The bifold doors on the long elevation of the orangery create an almost 4.0 metre opening on to the patio.

A fantastic social hub for the family and a truly fabulous entertaining area. Just perfect!

before-img Development of Mill house
Goodwood Orangeries mill house on the Hampshire
Goodwood Orangeries mill house on the Surrey

Traditional orangery and kitchen extension near Haslemere, Surrey

Haslemere Orangery Project

Case Studies

How we designed and built a stunning orangery and kitchen extension near Haslemere in Surrey.

The brief

The client wanted to re-site their kitchen to make it more central and harmonious within their living space.

Orangery Design & Build in Surrey

Our approach

We removed the bay window and most of the wall surrounding, creating a large open dining space into the new kitchen beyond.

The large stretch of sliding / folding doors open fully bringing the garden into the house for summer parties.

We recycled the brick and stone removed from the original wall to form the walls to the new orangery.

We built a smaller orangery to the side to provide a light, bright study for relaxing coffee mornings or after dinner brandies!

Orangery Kitchen in Surrey

Contemporary orangery for modern property in Hampshire

Contemporary Orangery nr Haslemere Surrey

Case Studies

We designed and built a stunning, contemporary orangery near Haslemere in Surrey.

About the property

Tucked away on the Surrey / Hampshire border near Haslemere, the owners of this rural property have made the most of its private location by opening a whole wing to glass and immersing themselves in its breathtaking, forested, beauty.

The large glazed sections can slide back so that on sunny days or warm balmy evenings, the exterior and interior blend seamlessly.

Contemporary Orangery Kitchen Extension

The build

The window frames and the lantern are constructed of powder coated aluminium, provided slim, minimalist lines.

The flat roof section is insulated, keeping the warmth of the underfloor heating in and ensuring all year round comfort. And the specially treated, Solar Control double glazing, combined with fully automated roof vents, ensures the room never gets too hot when the doors are closed.

A fabulous option in terms of design, especially when timber is in short supply!

Contemporary Orangery nr Haslemere Surrey