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Orangeries and Conservatories in Petworth

The Orangeries and Conservatories here at Goodwood Orangeries have been designed to create the perfect blend between indoor planted areas and outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed all year round. For those who want their home’s garden to feel right outside on any given day, we offer custom-built structures such as Orangeries and Conservatories in Petworth. Our team will take care of you and ensure that every project is tailored specifically to what you want.

High-Quality Orangeries and Conservatories in Petworth

Orangeries and Conservatories can be used in many different ways; some may use them as a recreation room for children, while others will find themselves using the space to relax. A conservatory is an excellent way to have extra light throughout your home without compromising space or comfort! You do not have to worry about the weather; every conservatory built here has been designed, constructed and manufactured specifically for your needs, no matter what style of design or architecture preferences! You can choose from traditional styles like ‘Victorian’ or go more contemporary if this fits your lifestyle better.

We use a variety of Timbers at Goodwood Orangeries, including Hardwood Oak and Siberian Larch.

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Traditional Orangeries and Conservatories in Petworth

Why not host your next party or family event in an authentic Orangery? Our range includes original timber-frame buildings with high walls and tall windows, topped by ornate stone parapets that conceal a glazed roof. In the 17th to 19th centuries, these were lavish structures designed specifically for storing fruit, vegetables and plants during winter when temperatures are frosty enough without placing them directly on earth floors.

Orangeries provide a great way to get natural light in your home by converting an otherwise unused space. They are also excellent for creating different dining areas that offer more than just food, spaces where you can socialise with friends and family members.

Goodwood Orangeries can design and plan your outdoor spaces to be the perfect space for you. If there is one thing we know how to do, it is to create environments where people love spending time! Alongside planning our projects from start to finish, if a particular architect or builder suits your needs better than others, let us work with them. All aspects of design are dealt with exclusively on technical matters and tradespeople needed during the construction phase.

Orangery in West Sussex

Don't orangeries and conservatories get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

To ensure a comfortable environment with livable temperatures no matter what the weather is like outside, we use modern glazing technology combined alongside window and roof vents. The result? A room that you can enjoy all year round!
Goodwood orangeries Traditional or contemporary

How do I start?

Are you planning on building an orangery in your home? We’re here for you throughout the process; our team provides detailed designs with specifications during the proposal stage (including building regulations) alongside comprehensive support on what style would work best in your garden situation once approved by yourself.

We’re always here to help you make the best decision. With extensive designs and a variety that will satisfy any taste, there’s no reason why an Orangery or Conservatory shouldn’t be a top priority for a resident like yourself! So contact us today for Orangeries and Conservatories in Petworth.

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If you would like to talk to us about a specific project, or even have a chat about design or cost parameters, or for a brochure, please telephone us on 01243 933034 or Contact Us. Our consultation is free of charge and we can arrange a site visit also without charge.