Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood

Here at Goodwood Orangeries, we offer a wide range of Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood. For almost 30 years we have been designing and building beautiful Orangeries and Conservatories using highly skilled planners and architects. It could be said that whilst an orangery extends the house into the garden, a conservatory brings the garden into the house. We cater to exactly what our customers are looking for, and take time and care into planning and designing, tailoring our work towards each individual and their home style.



High-End Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood

Having a conservatory in your home increases the sunlight entering and helps you to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden with all our Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood catered to what you are looking for. Our conservatories are designed to create a beautiful light and bright extension space in your home. It can create a unique extension to the house enabling an extra room with more space. You could use it as a recreation room for children, a quiet or relaxing area enabling you to enjoy the garden, no matter the weather.

Every conservatory we build here at Goodwood Orangeries is designed, manufactured, and constructed specifically for each individual’s home. We can create any size and style you want to suit the current style of your home. Traditional styles are often referred to as ‘Victorian’ or ‘Edwardian’ which you may wish to base your design on, but we can also design something more contemporary to suit you if you have a more minimalist taste.

We construct our Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood using a range of timbers, including hardwood, oak, Siberian Larch, or engineered softwood. The type of material will be decided on what best would suit the style and theme of the conservatory you are going for.


Traditional Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood

Here at Goodwood Orangeries, we have a range of Orangeries available which are constructed in Timber, Oak or Aluminium designed and created specifically to suit your style and property. The original orangeries built in the 17th to 19th century were very grand with high walls, tall windows topped with ornate stone parapets that served to conceal a glazed roof or lantern. During this period Orangeries were typically used for housing exotic plants to keep them safe during the frosty and cold winter months. During the summer months Orangeries are the perfect place to hold parties, family gatherings or traditional afternoon tea parties. 


During the modern-day periods people will use an Orangery as an extended dining area or an extra space in their home. Orangeries offer homeowners the extended space in a unique style allowing natural light to flow throughout the room. It is a grand design and style that is different from your typical conservatory, creating a unique room in your home.  


We will cater our designs specifically to what our clients are looking for. We will design them specifically to complement the architecture of the property whilst reflecting the requirements, taste, and styles of the client. If you have a particular architect or builder, you know and trust we are happy to work with them and will involve you in all aspects of the design while we deal with the technical side and the tradespeople. 

Don’t orangeries and conservatories get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

Suffocating temperatures in the summer and freezing in the winter is not something to worry about with Goodwood Orangeries. No matter the temperature outside, modern glazing technology combined with window and roof venting and sensible heating ensures that a comfortable environment and temperature can be maintained all year round no matter the weather. 

How to start?

Planning your Orangery or Conservatory can be an exciting time. We will talk through the whole design process with you step-by-step, helping you to choose the correct styles to match your current home. During the proposal stage we will present to you a design sketch for your orangery or conservatory plus a detailed specification. If you are happy with our proposal, once you have accepted it, we have our own team of architects who will prepare the drawings for the planning and building regulations which will all be included in the contract price. You will have complete freedom and will work with our builders and designers to see what you like and what styles to go for. 

Contact us today if you think that we could help you to design and install your Orangery or Conservatory. With an extensive design selection to choose from there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose us for Orangeries and Conservatories in Goodwood.

If you would like to talk to us about a specific project, or even have a chat about design or cost parameters, or for a brochure, please telephone us on 01243 933034 or Contact Us. Our consultation is free of charge and we can arrange a site visit also without charge.